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United States Notaries

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U.S. Notaries by the Numbers

A recent study by the National Notary Association revealed several interesting facts about United States notaries. According to their data, the typical American notary is a female between 41 and 50 years of age. She’s most likely a college graduate. Indeed, many United States notaries have earned Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees.

The study reinforced the fact that notaries play a vital role in the American economy. More than one third (35.3%) of U.S. notaries work in the banking, finance, and mortgage industries. Another large percentage (18.4%) work in the legal industry.

The remaining notaries serve the government, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, technology, and small business sectors.

United States Notaries by State

Which states have the most notaries on their rosters? The states with the highest number of notaries include Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, and Illinois.

Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Delaware have the fewest number of notaries. To put things in further perspective, there are 401,000 notaries in Texas while Delaware has merely 10,000.

National Notary Association
The most surprising part of our data is that 30% of all notaries have been asked to perform an illegal or improper act.

One-Third of United States Notaries Are Asked to Break the Law

The NNA statement doesn’t really surprise me. I was once pressured to sign mortgage documents with the next day’s date, despite adamant pleas that I was not allowed to do so. I ultimately refused to perform the signing, but had already wasted over an hour prepping an inch-thick pile of documents.

One of my family members resigned her notary commission and quit her job after an employer made repeated requests for pre- and post-dated real estate acknowledgments.

Sorry, No Can Do!

National Notary Association
The information provided in these two books cover basic rules and principles of sound, lawful, and ethical notarial signing practices.

Sorry, No Can Do! 1Sorry, No Can Do! 1Sorry, No Can Do! 2Sorry, No Can Do! 2

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Michael Lewis (Managing Editor) National Notary Association

This article was accompanied by an infographic that highlights some of the most interesting statistics about notaries in 2013.

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