California Notary Jurat

California Notary Jurat

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California Notary Jurat

What is a Notary Jurat?

The jurat is the second most common form to be completed by a notary public. A jurat may be identified by the words “subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me.”

“Jurat” is derived from the Latin “juratum,” meaning “sworn.” It refers to the clause on an affidavit that states when, where, and before whom the oath or affirmation was made.

A person who makes the oath or affirmation is referred to as the “affiant.” According to California law, a notary public signature and seal cannot be affixed to a document without the proper notarial wording, as shown here:

California Notary Jurat Form

California Notary Jurat

Administering the Oath

An affiant must personally appear, swear to or affirm the truth, and sign an affidavit in the presence of someone authorized to take oaths. Appearing before a notary public is usually the easiest method of meeting this requirement.

The oath is typically worded this way: “Do you swear or affirm that the statements on this document are true?” Unlike courtroom oaths, there is no legal requirement for the signer and notary public to raise their right hands, though many notaries choose to do so.

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California Notary JuratCalifornia Notary JuratCalifornia Notary Jurat