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Notary Public Marketing on Pinterest

I recently attended a business marketing seminar at which a social media expert recommended posting a resume on the photo-sharing website, Pinterest. I’m going to share a strategy for something similar and much easier–an online business card.

If you haven’t signed up for Pinterest, you’ll need to do that first. Pinterest allows you to create a number of “boards” onto which images may be “pinned.”

Once you’ve signed up for a Pinterest account, create a board with your business name. Mine is named Eagle Rock Notary, for example. This is where I pin images related to my own notary business.

Create Your Business Card Graphic

Next, you’ll want to create your business card graphic. It’s simpler than it sounds. I created the card shown below in about 10 minutes. The image was found on Pixabay, a great site with nearly a million free high quality images.

Search for images using terms that relate to a notary business, such as pen, business, documents, computer, briefcase. Find an image that isn’t too busy, with plenty of room for your graphic elements.

When you’ve settled on an image, download it to your computer by selecting the “Free Download” button. You’ll have a few size options. I usually download the large size.

Add Some Graphics

Now it’s time to add some graphics. If you don’t already have a graphic editing program, Canva is a popular and free-to-use online graphic design tool.

The grey box behind my phone number and website is simply an overlay. I chose a black rectangle, sized and positioned it, and set the fade level to 25%. Experiment with fonts, sizes, colors, and layers until you’re satisfied with the result.

Double check that your graphic covers all the basics–business name, phone number, web address, and so forth. Remember, if there’s a web address on your graphic, the card will need to link to that website. Basically it will function as a clickable banner.

Save your business card graphic with a file name that represents your business, for example “Pasadena Mobile Notary,” “Pasadena Notary Public,” or “Best Pasadena Notary.”

Sample Online Business Card

Free for commercial use photograph found on Pixabay

Notary Public Marketing

Notary Public Marketing on Your Website

Your completed business card graphic is now ready to post on your blog or website. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a website, you can always post it on the review site Yelp, which is free and popular with search engines. If you’re not ready for a website, that’s fine too. You can always link to the board you created for your notary business, since it will have a distinct url.

You might already have a “Pin It” button on your toolbar. If not, it’s easy to add the Pinterest browse button for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Choose the option that’s appropriate for your own system.

A simpler option is to upload the graphic from your computer to a Pinterest board. Log into Pinterest and look for the plus sign icon in the top right corner. Choose “upload an image” and save the image to the board you created for your business. Don’t worry about the destination url–you can edit everything in the next step.

Now click on your board to open it. Edit the pin description and add hashtags if you desire. Keep it short and sweet so your pin doesn’t look spammy. All of your pertinent details should be included in the graphic itself. Make sure the website information is filled in, then save your edits. Test your pin to make sure it’s linking properly to your website.

Notary Public Marketing is a Pin Away

The beauty of the business card graphic is that all of your contact information is clearly presented. Because you’ve named the graphic with your business name or top keyword, it should eventually show up in image searches on Google and other search engines. Similarly, board names often show up in web page searches, so choose keywords that best suit your notary business. Think about the words someone would use when searching for a notary in your area. Create a Pinterest board for each keyword you want to promote.

Mobile Notary Public Marketing Business Cards

Here’s another business card design I whipped up in about ten minutes using a Pixabay photo and Picmonkey graphics. I also saved a clean version without a city name in case I decide to add more locations later.

Eagle Rock Notary PublicGlassell Park Notary PublicGlendale Notary PublicHighland Park Notary PublicLa Crescenta Notary PublicPasadena Notary Public

Create a Business Card for Each City You Cover

Mobile notaries travel to many communities. It definitely pays to create a unique business card for each city you cover. Once posted properly online these graphics are likely to show up in image searches for a notary in a specific city. That’s what I do with my notary business. I usually create about two dozen business card graphics targeting different cities in my coverage area.

Have you created a Facebook page for your notary business? If so, be sure to post your business card graphics in a photo album for added exposure.

Make the Most of Pinterest

Notary public marketing doesn’t get any simpler. Your business card graphic may be linked to any website you choose. Pinterest allows you to write a description, designate a category, and choose a cover image for each board you create. Take full advantage of these features to achieve the best possible exposure for your business.

Eagle Rock Notary on Pinterest

Notary Public Marketing

Promote Your Notary Public Business

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Notary Public Marketing

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